Gensis chapter 1

我是如何开始这个信仰博客?How did I start this faith blog?

On one grey rainy afternoon 10 December 2018, as I sat down in the Walthamstow library. I was moved to witness to a stranger who sat opposite me about my journey seeking the root of my Chinese identity in my early 20s.

I shared with this stranger that God gave me the gift and appreciation for things and people of the past. As I am Hong Kong born Chinese person living in London for over 25 years. I had a deep calling to find out about my Chinese heritage and ancestry from Guangzhou, South China. I never met my grand-parents on my father's side as they past away before I was born. So I made it my mission to find out my family history on my father's side which I eventually did by tracing back my father's geneology back to the 12th century.   

This stranger said 'you should write a blog, may be a book about your journey. I will be your first reader'. With those words, I prayed and here I am sharing and testifying what God's grace had done and will continue to do in my life.

I thank God for this divine intervention in my life. The bible says: 'We know that God casues all things to work together for those who love God, to those who are called according to his purpose.' Romans 8:28

丰富的遗产 , 痛苦的过去 A painful past in a rich inheritance

I was brought up with a strong sense of who I am rooted in my ethnic Chinese heritage. I am forever grateful that I belong to such rich cultural tradition. I can speak forever about the achievements of the Chinese people, also known as the 'descendants of the dragon' or the people of the 'Middle Kingdom'.

It was not easy for me to be proud of my Chinese heritage after I immgranted to England, at aged 10. I was no longer in a class of 32 Cantonese speaking class mates in Hong Kong with a shared Chinese heritage. I became the only Chinese in a class of 28 pupils in a High Wycomb school where most pupils were South Asians speaking Hindi. 

My English was poor thus I could not communicate with other pupils and I felt stupid not understanding what teachers said most of the time. I became a target for bullies when I moved up to the secondary school. I experienced racism, I was called a flat face and some pupils were making funny noises pretending they could speak Chinese, along with a teacher thought it was OK to call me 'Chinky'.

Lord, thank you for your mercy and forgiveness, by the grace of God, I managed every day not to get upset and stood up against some of these bullies in ways that God showed me.The bible says:

'For the sake of Chrsit, then, I am content with weknesses, insults, hardship, prescutions and calamities. For I am weak, then I am strong.' 2 Corinthians 12:10

God did sent me kind people around me to be my friends and a loving RE teacher who asked me about my God and Chinese altar at home. It was for the first time that I felt my Chinese identity was being appreciated and respected. I felt I had a voice and someone wanted to hear it. Although, I did not know it then, my God was not the sages of the Chinese world, but the creator of the world, Jevhoah Jireh meaning God will provide. (Genesis 22:14)

我教会的历史 History with my home church

The Chinese Church in London (CCIL), Soho Outreach Centre (SOC) is my home church. This is its timeline: 

Dec 24 1950 - Pastor Wang accepted his calling to serve and start a church service on 7 January 1951.  

1994 - I went to the Chinese school it organised at the Hilldrop Boy's school. My class tutor, Mr Tong was a bible and God loving man.

2012 - I took my brother to church to seek God to help with his addiction. 

2013 - I experienced the love of Jesus Christ through worship and wept for the entire 20 minutes. 

2015 - I joined the Cantonese kids church serving team.

2016 - I was baptised in the Worship Ministry Centre (WMC) in Hammersmith.  

2017 - I joined the Mandarin kids church serving team.