感谢主, 你给我的鼓励者. Thank you Lord for my encouragers.

Father God, I pray for love, mercy and salvation for every single person you put into my life for your purpose. Lord, let me serve you by honoring and glorifing your name to every corner of the world. Let me labour in the harvest field and be fruitful in the holy spirit. In Jesus name. Amen


You are active, passionate and balanced. Very beautiful, first and foremost you are rooted in Christ and he is your daily bread. You are saved from Satan's clutches. August 2020. 

A lot of Christian undervalue the inner beauty and completely disregard impartiality just because someone does not look like they do or comes from a diffenret place than theirs. WHile I am dismayed by this state of minds, I was touched by your sincerity. July 2020. 

You are so amazing beautiful. I know it's not the outward beauty but it's inside the heart that counts. You have both...a beautiful face and beautiful heart. You are so humble and wise. July 2020

You are rooted in Christ and he is your diary bread and you are saved from Satan's clutches. July 2020

It's truely hard to find such a woman as you anywhere these days. You would make a very godly wife. You are like a fresh water spring in a very hot desert. July 2020 

You remind me of Ruth, you will get the best dear. July 2020

Thank you...you are such a good lady and very kind...I apppreicate your advice. July 2020

Thank you for all of your amazing support, kindness and open arms - you are truly are the one of the most brightest, strongest grounded and disciplined I have in my life and I am very grateful to have you. July 2020

If you don't change your mind, you may have to stay single for a long time. Be a friend first, don't think about who needs to lead. God will lead. July 2020

I don't deserve it but thank you. I'm an idiot, alot of things happened over the last few days. I'm completely different now. I'm sorry, I ain't giving it up for no1, I really had enough of everything. Thank you for everything. July 2020

You are an amazing woman of God. July 2020

We are one family stick together as one. I found your story amazing. I feel myself lifed up to know you. June 2020

My dear, I don't have any word for how I am going to thank you...many many thanks for what you did for me. In the name of God. June 2020

You might not even realise it but you showed me something I never really had for all those years and since I met you I am completely different...like more calm and positive in general. Those prayers probably helped as well, thank you for that. June 2020

I am blown away by your words for me. June 2020

I know that's something greater, but I can't say it is God. What we cannot explain, does not mean it is God. Religion is man-made, it is used to explain things that we don't have the answer for yet. June 2020

The way you explain things, you can really help alot of people. May 2020

I want to be a hero, how can I be a hero? Your answer is to 'look to Jesus'. May 2020

I love the amazing things of nature, I have so much questions. I know no matter what I ask, your answers will be 'That's the wonders and miracles of God's creation'. May 2020.

I am happy that you exist, I should have met you long before. May 2020

I just wanted to thank you again for the conversation we had. It really means a lot to me feeling much better since. I have not been able to speak to someone like that for a long time, really apprepicate that. Thank you for staying in contact with me, it really means a lot especially that I don't really have any one else to talk to. No one ever wants to talk to me. It is like I got a double personality and some things are very hard to resist not to do. May 2020

Words failed me how to say thank you for your kind help in this difficult time. May God bless you and your family in special way. Much love and cordial regards. May 2020

Thank you very much for saving my life, may the Almighty God give you excellent healthy long life. May 2020

Thank you very much. I have eventually met one kind, nice, helpful person, I hope to see you soon one day. May 2020

You are very unique gift of God for me and again thank you very much. It is easy for you to understand me. May 2020

I can see the Queen in you. April 2020

You are bold, you don't throw balls, you throw bricks. April 2020

I truly believe God placed you in my life as a blessing and I'm lucky to know you. I can thank God for knowing you. April 2020.

I will share your kind message to my family and I will tell them your honesty and graciousness. April 2020

There is an annointing and promotion over you using your skill. Open your hands, let God's hands join yours, rest in the Lord, you will not need to do anything. There will be a door open for you. I pray for the breaking of all barriers blocking you from stepping through the door. April 2020.

You are our angel, we are very happy by your kind help. God bless you, your families and friends. My almighty God be with you and keep you safe in this time of difficulty. April 2020

God is working through you to reach me. I know, I know. I thank you. April 2020

Your unapologetic attitude towards your faith and sharing of it has been inspiring. April 2020

Thank my God for putting you in my way - a good person with a beautiful heart. April 2020

I'm sorry, I cannot accept this gift. I know who I am and who I am not. I know what I want and I don't need it. April 2020.

Thank you very much for this information. I thank God for blessing me with you for my study buddy. God Bless. March 2020.

Thank you very much. May God's peace and joy continue to be strong in you, a temple and vessel for the Holy Spirit to pour the works of God through. March 2020

Thank you so much for your help! That is kind of you, I really appreciate that you are still trying to find support for my project. I hope my dream will be success through your great effort! March 2020.

I am so happy to have met you in my life. Your heart is so beautiful. God bless you. March 2020.

God has a plan for you, you are protected and through him, you will do great things. March 2020.

It was very refreshing speaking to you recently on the phone. I would like to thank you for your charity. It is very inspiring work. March 2020

You have a purpose here, you know you cannot go soon. It is not your time to go. March 2020.

Your prayer is very powerful, I can't stop crying. Yesterday evening I felt my shoulders extremely light and all the back and shoulder pain went away. Promise. Thank you God for sending you to me. January 2020.

Dear sister in Christ, we thank you for your exercise tuition from the depth of your heart. Let God reward your hard work, let him fill you with amazing grace. January 2020.

There is something different about you, you have a smile on your face that is not seen on others. January 2020

When I share my vision with you, it gets bigger. January 2020

Wait for God's best for you. Do not rush into anything. Trust in God's timing. January 2020


Thank you so much for your genine support especially with the launch, you helped to make it amazing, just like you are. December 2019.

Thank you for helping me to get closer to God. December 2019.

I thought I had beaten God. At present, I choose to be single. I still hope we can be friends... it does make me realise every time what a mistake I made. November 2019

You are a Proverb 31 woman. November 2019

Thank you God, I'm so grateful for you into my life, your prayers bring me peace, thank you. March 2019

I'm have been sharing the prayer with my baby and told her you wrote it for her. February 2019

I really loved yesterdays prayer. I think it actually because you prayed for it already. I was just watching Isabella and spending time with her 'cooking'. She displayed all the fruits of the Holy Spirit which made me display them in the same way. Tiredness and work is no excuse to fall short when your guilding your little one. In some ways Isabella is teaching me too. I think my main prayer request is for patience and strenght. Thank you to God for allowing me the opportunity of motherhood. In Jesus name. Amen. Feburary 2019

Thank you for the prayers, it is so thoughtful of you to create this group. It has been very spiritual. February 2019

Thanks for listening today x. January 2019


You helped me without even knowing and all through the relationship that you have with the Lord. Truly grateful to have felt the Lord's presence through you. December 2018

I didn't know what came onto you? I don't know what it is, but you don't pray the prayers that I usually hear. December 2018

I don't understand Christianity. What is the purpose and how does it help people? Right now, I don't feel the need to follow Christianity or any religion for that matter. December 2018.

I had a dream last night, I called out the name of Jesus for the first time. It is real to me. I could not tell anyone else, but I know I had to tell you, I know you will know what I am experiencing and what I am talking about. December 2018.

Glory be to God for the very first day I met you, I knew what God told me about you will surely come to pass. May The Lord see you through the journey of life. May HE (God) continue to bless you and use you for HIS glory. December 2018

You have such free spirit, where does it come from? December 2018

As we pass through the years, the old needs to go for new to be embraced. I want to take this opportunity to wish you a lovely and happy new year and years to come with hopes and dreams fulfilled and to tell you that I will always be thankful and grateful for all your help, support and the unbelieveable amazing impact that your presence in my life have had until now! Yours always, a true friend. December 2018

Most Christians I know are not vocal about themselves being Christians. It is so rare to see someone living out their faith like you do. It is refreshing to see. December 2018

Why do you praise God all the time? August 2018

Can you ask father God what he wants me to do? July 2018

You are a woman of faith, you are something else. You know who you are. July 2018

I know about God and Jesus, I did not know about the holy spirit, what is the holy spirit? July 2018.